Alison Gale

Work Experience

Google Chrome - Senior Software Engineer (2022-Present)

Develop features for the top chrome of the Chrome Desktop browser. My team is responsible for features like tabs, bookmarks, and more. Development is done in a mix of web technologies and C++.

Google Cloud Platform - Senior Software Engineer (2017-2022)

Developed and maintained frontend infrastructure for GCP: scaling our routing solution, migrating core components from AngularJS to Angular, and optimizing the performance of the application through use of tree shakable providers, deferred loading, and route configuration.

DoubleClick Search - Software Engineer (2014-2017)

Developed PDF download and keyword and ad segmentation for Executive Reporting. Rewrote the change history frontend for Campaign Management. Migrated internal service wrappers off a soon-to-be-deprecated API.

Microsoft - Intern (Summer 2013)

Improved the document sharing experience on SharePoint by making features more discoverable and accessible. Migrated functionality to the mobile web version of SharePoint.


University of Washington (2020-2023)

Pursuing a Masters of Science in Data Science. Courses include Data Visualization, Data Management for Data Science, Scalable Data Systems & Algorithms, and Statistical Machine Learning.

Brown University (2010-2014)

Graduated with a BS in Computer Science. Courses included Computational Linguistics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Science, Database Management Systems, and Machine Learning. Served as a teaching assistant for several classes, which required leading lab sections, assisting students, and grading student projects.


2023 Women's World Cup Explorer (Summer 2022)

Developed a revised website for exploring the teams and schedule for the 2023 Women's World Cup. This site features an interactive schedule that allows projecting the schedule based on team finish, a tool to plan an itinerary based on team preferences, and a map to visualize a team's path as they progress through the tournament.

Pass Analyzer (July 2022)

Finalist in the Women in Sports Data Hackathon. Built an app to visualize information about passes during the 2020 Men's Euros. Built a pass completion likelihood model in Python and included that data alongside other key details for each pass. Visualized all passes within discrete time periods using d3.

Articles of Merit Not Listed (Summer 2021)

Developed a simple site to highlight quilts made by my Grandmother. One of the pages is dedicated to quilts I have made (link).

Rate Some Cats (Winter 2019)

Developed a demo application to learn how to use Firebase. This site displays a collection of cat photos that can be rated by a logged in user. Utilizes Firebase authentication, Cloud Storage, and Firestore.

Women's World Cup Explorer (Fall 2018)

Developed a website for exploring the teams and schedule for the 2019 Women's World Cup. This site features a map of all teams, an interactive schedule that allows projecting the schedule based on team finish, and a tool to plan an itinerary based on team preferences.

US Soccer Hackathon (July 2018)

Won 2nd place for developing an app that allows users to predict key game stats. I focused on a section that scraped Tweets during a soccer game and compared user sentiment to game events.

FIRST Robotics (2006-2010)

Led the programming subgroup of my high school's robotics club. Developed software to control the team robot during autonomous and remote controlled play. Won the FIRST Robotics DC Regional in 2009.