Articles of Merit Not Listed

Bananas etc.

The Ode to a Candle Salad quilt really started something. After that I began noticing banana related fabrics and friends who appreciated that quilt generously gave me pieces they found that fit the theme. My collection of fun banana “things” that have nothing to do with quilts has also grown. This meant getting rid of lots of old dishes and doodads in an antique cabinet to make room for all this memorabilia. After we moved to our condo I took it as a personal challenge to do something with the fabrics. What great fun it has been.

Pieced Blocks (blocks made in 1905, assembled into a top by me in 1990)

There is a LONG story about this quilt. In brief, it began because of a discussion with a friend, Ellen Swanson, who remembered the salad. Blocks for the quilt were made by members of both of my quilting bees, the Quilters Dozen and the Dirty Dozen, as well as by members of my book club and my sister. I have written a book about this salad which can be seen the following link:

The Candle Salad Story

I’m Chiquita Banana (2004)

Chiquita has always been a favorite. The banana advertising jingle was one of the most popular ads ever when it came out in the 1950s. The Right/Wrong way to eat a banana fabric was a challenge gift from a friend, Barbara Hollinger. My granddaughter, Helen, was able to tell me by phone how to design the lettering on my computer.

Healing Judy* (2005)

Judy House was a very dear quilting friend who died in July, 2005. She was a big believer in quilting as a form of healing. Her dream was to have an exhibit of wallhangings at Walter Reed Hospital that could be hung in the rooms and public areas of the oncology department at that facility. Lisa Ellis and Cyndi Souder organized this project and there were gorgeous contributions from many of Judy’s friends. Most related to the theme of plants used in cancer treatment. Judy loved the Ode to a Candle Salad quilt and often gave me information from the American Cancer Society about the healthful benefits of bananas. With her encouragement, I used that theme for my contribution. I have since given several talks on Healing Quilts, using slides of quilts from her collection as well as the Ode to a Candle Salad quilt.

Monkeying Around (2007)

This quilt was great good fun and took a week to make. It was machine quilted by Judy Hendrickson.

Too Many Banana Daiquiris (2008)

This drunkard’s path variation combines several of my interests. The background fabric is of lush banana plants. The black and white fabrics are ones in my stash. That year the challenge in my McLean quilt group was “stash quilts” which fit my ideas perfectly. The quilt is machine quilted by Kathy Gray.

Going Bananas (2010)

Embroidered motifs set together with banana theme fabrics.

Sock Monkeys

Another just for fun quilt waiting for just the right recipient.

Clowning Around

Hand appliquéd using fabrics from my stash. The patterns are an interpretation of designs by Nancy Barrett. Machine quilted by Kathy Gray with details by Carolyn Lynch.